10 Ways to Quickly Increase the Value of Your Home

Projects that increase home value.

12/8/20233 min read

10 Ways to Quickly Increase the Value of Your Home

The real estate market is heating back up in Snohomish County and Washington state. But just because homes are selling faster doesn’t mean sellers are getting top dollar for their investment. There are many ways to increase the value of your home without investing too much time and money in huge home improvement projects right before you move. Take a look at these 10 projects that can mean the difference between your list price and a more competitive offer.

#1 Replace the Front Door

Whether you’re considering putting your home on the market in the near future or plan to make it your forever home, a door replacement will almost certainly add value. On average, the cost of a door replacement project costs around $1,100 but depends on the type of door you choose. A new door will help improve your home's curb appeal and provide a fresh look when buyers first enter the home. This alone can add up to thousands of dollars to your home’s value.

#2 Paint the Exterior of your home

Repainting the entire house can be a significant expense but a quick “face lift” of key areas like the front window trims and entry way can go a long way toward upgrading the overall look. Also replace any torn screens and keep a warm-toned porch light on in the evening in case prospective buyers take a drive to see what the home looks like at night.

#3 Refresh the Siding with Stone Veneer

According to HouseLogic, no other feature has as much impact on curb appeal as siding. Old, damaged siding could decrease your home’s value by up to 10%. You may not have to re side the entire house, but areas that have not been maintained may need to be repaired. Consider updating with a stone veneer siding to cover exposed slab foundations and to upgrade the overall look.

#4 Paint Interior with Neutral Colors

You may love your teal and mustard yellow guest room, but it could completely clash with a potential buyer’s sense of style. Repaint any bold colored walls with a neutral tone to allow buyers to project their own taste into the space. A fresh coat of paint in any color also goes a long way towards making a home feel updated. Pro Tip: Use white primer first when switching from a dark to light color. You will save money in paint costs.

#5 Replace or Repair Worn Out Flooring

The condition of your floor is a major factor in how well-maintained your home appears to buyers. Replace worn out carpet if possible and consider upgrading all or some areas of flooring. Polish hardwood floors and shampoo carpets before listing your home for sale. It’s also worth the effort to repair any chips or scratches in laminate, broken tiles or peeling linoleum.

#6 Hide the Eyesores

Electrical boxes, piping and wiring on the home’s exterior can all downgrade your home’s visual appeal. A simple coat of paint in the same color as the exterior can make them blend in and reduce the visual clutter. Other ways of hiding are to plant thick bushes or trees to block them from view (but be sure to leave access for meter readers and maintenance).

#7 Shine Up the Bathroom

Save the complete bathroom remodel for your new home. Instead, of investing $15,000 to remodel, consider re-glazing the tubs and tile floors if needed, for less. Add some new towels, clear away any clutter and you can make the room feel brand new on a small budget. Realtor Tip: Keep your toiletries in a basket while your home is on the market. When a showing pops up you can stash the basket quickly instead of picking up all the bottles and cosmetics.

#8 Upgrade Light fixtures

Consider installing an impressive light fixture in the entry way or dining room. This one element can add a lot of style to any home. You can negotiate to take the fixture with you to your next home or leave it if a buyer falls in love with it. Upgrade outdated cans with retro fit led lights. Make sure all lights are working and avoid mis-matched light bulb color temperatures. Upgraded lighting can even help brighten things up when photographing the interior your home.

#9 Garage Door Update

Replacing a garage door is one of the top home improvements on the Remodeling 2023 Cost vs. Value report with one of the top ROIs nationally. The Garage door accounts for quite a bit of square footage on a home's facade and when upgraded, can really transform the look of a home. According to this year’s findings, a $4,302 investment will net $4,418 or 102.7% at resale, on average, nationwide.

#10 Landscaping Tips

You don’t have to tear up your yard and put in new sod, but a landscaping once-over can add some color and freshness to your property. Put down new mulch in (fully weeded) garden beds, trim the trees and bushes, rake the yard and plant some annuals for pops of color. Or add planters and hanging baskets that you can take with you when you move.